Whatever you need or want, I can help you make it happen.

Content Creation
Abstract planning and marketing strategy

Imagine standing in a store, thinking to buy something new.

Most people pull out their phone and look up the item online.

What is the price on Amazon? What kind of reviews does it have, how do people rate it?

Your business must be listed online if it is to be a success. There are many services out there, and they quickly become expensive. Many small businesses make random attempts at online marketing, or avoid it completely. There are many ways to grow your online reputation, though, and much of it can be done for free, though - if you have the time.

Do not be overwhelmed by opportunity! I am here to help you navigate the wide web of possibilities.


Digital Marketing

Whatever you need or want, I can help you make it happen.

Pencils, paint, and the word "design"

Every one of my working relationships begins with a free, 2-hour consultation to determine your needs and the tools already available to you. We will see where you want to take your business and how much time you can spend on marketing.

Together, we will find the right balance for you.

You will need a website filled with information and images. You may need an online shop. Your business should have social media pages and online listings. You will want to email folks to let them know you're online and let others subscribe to your newsletter. You probably want to link all of these tools together and see how they perform and interact. 

Together, we can design and create all of the online marketing media to market your business in the digital age. Whether articles, brochures, news, social media posting schedules, printed materials, videos, commercials - we will find an affordable solution for an effective advertising campaign for your small business.

Artist drawing the word "create"
Profile Maintenance

"When you aim for perfection, you discover it's a moving target." (George Fisher)

Whatever you need or want, I can help you make it happen.


Once you have created an online presence, it will need to be updated regularly. I can create regular content updates for you, show you how to do it yourself, help you train others to do it for you, or work out a combination of shared responsibilities. My main goal is to find solutions that fit your budget, meet your needs, and help you to grow your business.